E Smith Consulting, LLC
From Strategy to Success


Professional Business and Sales Consulting

We bring over 30 years of experience creating market entry and growth strategies, assessing and improving your business development capabilities, and supporting tactical growth opportunities.  We understand the defense and civilian agencies' needs in a broad range of areas - from management consulting to information technology to products and solutions.

Mergers and Acquisition Support

With an extensive network across the federal contracting and M&A communities, we can assist in identifying the right M&A targets for your near- and long-term business success.  Are you thinking about positioning to be acquired?  We can help you improve your valuation.

Market Entry

Growth Strategy 

Sales Execution

Delivery Success

Develop your plan to enter new markets in the federal sector with your best solutions and capabilities
Define your sales plan for high priority customers to include teaming and acquisition strategies
Implement your sales activities with an understanding of government buying trends and competitor strategies
Enhance your delivery capabilities through adherence to government processes and standards and alliances